European Aviation Consultants comprises a network of over 80 industry leading experts in their respective fields.  We are able to provide world leading consultancy on almost any range of issues concerning civil aviation in Europe or concerning Europe.

Our capabilities include consultancy in:

  • Company formation / Set-up of certified entities / Certification process
  • Company rescue and turn-around
  • Feasibility studies
  • Aircraft sourcing and financing
  • Aviation digitization and process automation
  • Cost reduction programmes
  • Initial Airworthiness
  • Air Operations (AOC, Non-commercial Operations, Specific Operations, Third Country Operator)
  • Aircrew Training (Pilots and Cabin Crew)
  • Flight Simulation (device sourcing, acceptance testing, certification and relocation)
  • Continuing Airworthiness (CAMO / Part 145)
  • Maintenance Training (Part 147)
  • ANSP (training, management and systems)
  • Drones

Recent projects have included:

AOC formation

  • Recovery from Authority enforcement actions
  • Third Country Operator authorisation
  • FSTD acceptance testing and initial qualification
  • CAMO reviews

Our consulting activities are subject to oversight of our quality and compliance department to ensure we provide the very top level consultancy service.  We provide single point of contact and project dialogue to ensure each project progresses through to successful completion.


Please feel free to enquire as to how our consulting services may help you get the results you need in your aviation business.

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