Our mission is to support the aviation industry with our fresh approach to consultancy in this wide-ranging field. By capitalizing on the world-leading experience of our extensive team of industry leading professionals, we provide solutions for all European civil  aviation requirements. We provide our services as a single-point solution whatever the range of issues facing our client, and deliver on our promises throughout the extensive scope of our services backed up by resolute systems and processes.

European Aviation Consultants OÜ is a 100% owned subsidiary of EASA Consultants OÜ and will be taking over the existing services offered by EASA Consultants within the European region.

The same expert network of consultants will deliver those services in exactly the same way within the European region, but a host of additional services will become available too.

Training Services; Manual Writing; Auditing; Aviation Consulting

AOC; ATO; Part 145; Part 147; ANSP; CAMO; TCO

Disclaimer – EASA-Consultants was so named from the outset because it provided services for which the European Aviation Safety Agency (Agency) was the principle regulatory body. It is and always has been independent of the Agency. EASA Consultants no longer provides services directly to industry. For enquiries please enquire from this site, or from our associated sister companies.

Sample of clients from our group of companies

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