The Essential Requirements to the Basic Regulation require Airworthiness Organisations, Air Operators,  Aerodrome Operators and others must implement and maintain a management system to ensure compliance with these essential requirements and aim for continuous improvement of this system.

The Implementing Rules which apply the Essential Requirements at an operational level for Aircrew, Air Operations, Initial and Continuing Airworthiness, ANSP and Aerodromes all call for a level of compliance assurance which involves auditing.

Additionally a trove of additional auditing requirements may be relevant (e.g. IOSA) which an operator may wish to implement.

At European Aviation Consultants we are able to draw on our extensive network of auditors with experience in all areas of auditing (regulatory and industry led).  We are thus able to provide an auditor for any auditing requirements in support of your own Compliance Monitoring activities.

We are also able to provide full Compliance Monitoring support and (through our sister company) provide you with a full Compliance Monitoring system solution.


Our Auditors have extensive auditing experience either as an Authority auditors, industry auditors or both.  Our audit team are subject to extensive verification of their auditing credentials prior to commencing auditing with us, and subsequently to continuous review of their currency to audit in the area concerned.

Our own internal quality and compliance department oversees the work of our auditors to ensure the audits undertaken will always be the best standard possible.

 You may need an audit team expert, auditor for a partial audit, a full audit or complete (Q)CMS solution.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for details.


Please enquire for further details.

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